05 Mar

Very Hungry Caterpillar {1st Birthday Party}

Today we have one of the cutest first birthday’s we have ever seen! We adore this fun + bright Very Hungry Caterpillar birthday that is based off of the classic children’s book! Little Asher is the cutest little peanut we ever did see and we love what his mom Sara organized for the party! We are big on making sure your guests have plenty to eat and snack on. This theme is perfect because there are so many fun and easy treat options you can provide that go along with the cute story like a range of fruit, cheese and crackers, salad, cupcakes and our favorite is the yummy mac n cheese muffins!


It’s helpful to plan some fun little activities for the party guests for entertainment. You can read the book to the little peanuts and even provide a cute Hungry Caterpillar color page that the little party guests can take home with them! What a darling party and that cake by Bayshore Cakes is the cutest!!

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  1. cari says:

    Hello, i like all your ideas on the hungry caterpillar theme party. If you don’t mind, what is the green drink? I see there are lemon and raspberries in it.
    You can also text me
    323 8991671

  2. Tessa Heyer says:

    Yes, wonderful ideas! I too, am curious about the green drink. I am looking for something fun to give all the children at my son’s party that won’t fill them up with sugar! Thanks

  3. Jenn says:

    Awesome birthday! Are you able to tell me how you hung the caterpillar lanterns?

  4. kara suna says:

    what is in the green drink please? thanks

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