10 Jan

Custom Potato Stamp Art Project

Winter can be really hard with little peanuts trying to keep them entertained while being in the house a lot more than usual. And let’s be honest it’s hard for us mommas as well! We always find that a fun and simple art project is perfect for getting your little peanuts to sit down and focus for a few minutes as well as expand their learning and imagination. We are really into colors and shapes right now so this was the perfect project to practice both.

Today we are showing how use potato stamps to make a one of a kind art piece! We have been seeing a bunch of potato stamp projects on pinterest and thought we would give it a try ourselves! It was a serious hit! There is something about colorful paints that make the littles go crazy! Add some potatoes and you have a whole lot of fun going on. All you need for this craft is some acrylic paint, a couple medium sized potatoes scrubbed clean, a sharp pairing knife and some thick card stock or construction paper that can stand up to the paint.

We cut the potatoes into some of our favorite shapes and let the peanuts go crazy dipping them into paints and stamping them on their paper. Potatoes are also perfect for little peanuts because they can hold onto them perfectly. Let your peanuts get into it for a little bit and practice their stamping.

We are working on adding new pictures to our nursery and wanted to frame one of our pieces of art so we mixed some paint colors that would match our peanuts room. If you have littler peanuts you might need to help them a little with placing the stamp so they don’t just make a big blob. Alternate different colors and shapes until you have filled up the sheet. We used a white frame from IKEA because they are stylish and also affordable. Hang it in your peanuts room and they can have their very own art work to enjoy!

We hope you enjoyed this fun project and hope it inspires you to do some potato stamping with your peanuts! We would love to see their custom artwork! Tag us in your pictures on facebook and instagram so we can check them out!



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