11 Sep

Fall Kids Craft {Apple Stamping}

We can’t believe that it’s already fall and that our summer of adventures is over. But we are really excited for some of the fun fall activities and crafts that we have in store for you all! Today we are sharing a darling + easy fall craft that you can do with your kiddos on those rainy days that have already started to hit us. We do a lot of painting around our house because it’s a perfect creative outlet and also keeps those little minds + bodies occupied! Since we do a lot of painting we try to mix things up a bit and give our little peanuts different items to try painting with to make the activity feel fresh and new and also to teach them about different shapes and textures.


Apples make for perfect stamps and even cuter fall artwork! All you need is some apples, acrylic craft paint and paper. Cut your apples in half to create a flat surface for stamping. We love to find apples that still have the stems on them to make the stamps look more realistic. Strip your kids down to their diapers and undies and let them have fun dipping their apples into different fall colored paints and then stamping them on their paper. Easy as that! A fun fall activity + cute wall art! We even thought these sheets would make for darling place-mats at a fall party?!


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