Little Twig and Sparrow Pajamas

It’s probably safe to say that we live in our pajamas most of the time and we are a-ok with that! We are all about the comfort and when comfort and style aline there is nothing better! We are so excited to introduce you all to Little Twig and Sparrow! We are over the moon with their modern and stylish pajama design concept with a fitted style + modern shape patches! Our little peanuts love them too and especially the velour patch pjs!


Check out these darling images from our pajama party by Becky Kimball!



Birth Announcement Video {Baby Celestin}

Is it really Monday again?! Well don’t you worry because we are going to be starting this week off right with one incredibly beautiful newborn video by Patricia of Weddream Productions featuring sweet little peanut, Celestin. We are completely smitten with everything about this video shot in Paris… the beautiful family, the love, the movement and the song! We just love this fresh idea of doing a birth announcement video showing off your new babe that you can share with all your family and friends. And what a treasure to have forever! This is for sure on our list of must-haves for our next little peanut!


We just can’t get over how beautifully captured these sweet moments are! What do you think about doing a newborn/birth announcement video?!




Boys Fall Corduroy Look

Happy Friday friends! We’ve got nothing but fall activities on our plates this weekend including corn mazes, pumpkin painting and some homemade chili! We’ve been living up this fall weather and can’t get enough of fall fashion this season! We are especially loving anything corduroy (from pants to shirts) for boys and girls this fall and it’s all about the layering! Today we are sharing some of our favorite fall corduroy looks for boys that we know you will love as well! And make sure to check back tomorrow because we will be doing the same for our little girls! What are your plans this weekend?

1. Dude Pom-Pom Beanie | 2. Corduroy Shirt | 3. Slub Henley | 4. Sherpa Puffer Vest | 5. Selvedge Skinny Jeans | 6. Duck Boots

Here are a few more of our favorite corduroy looks for boys this fall:


Scarlett’s Nursery {Featuring Dette Cake Letters}

Today we are excited to share with you a peek into sweet little peanut Scarlette’s nursery who is the daughter of our Assistant Editor, JaNee! We love this simply sweet room with soft mint walls and white, coral and gold accents. And the little reading nook with a cute rocking chair + book shelfs low to the ground for easy access for little Scarlett is perfection!  This spot in Scarlett’s room is a favorite place for JaNee and her mini me to spend special time together reading books, nursing and just giggling. We love how JaNee used her Dette Cake Wooden Letters in the nursery and that she choose to do a word instead of a name or initial like we see done a lot. You can customize these rustic wooden letters to say anything you would like and also to match the colors in your room! We love the gold metallic paired with the natural rustic wood that JaNee chose!


The coral bed sheet and pillow by New Mom Designs are the perfect pop of modern + color for this little girl room!



Halloween Kids Table Ideas + Recipe

Have we mentioned yet that Halloween is probably in our top two favorite Holidays?! Well it is and we have really loved getting into the spooky spirit this season and when theres a new holiday that also means another chance to throw a party for our little peanuts! When it comes to decorating for Halloween and styling a kids table, we always look to Pottery Barn Kid’s Halloween Collection. It by far takes the cake and there’s so many options that aren’t cheesy to choose from!  For our Halloween table set-up we used our favorite Halloween tabletop items including spooky {and cute!} character plates with spiderweb placemats, with matching bat utensils and Halloween tumbler cups.


To make our little party guests feel extra special, we created simple personalized pumpkins at each place setting using a bit of black and white paint. We always love the idea of bring in some eliminate of personalization into our party designs and these mini pumpkins are just too cute!


Every party needs a great treat and our Halloween jack-o-lantern hand pies are perfection! They are so visually cute but not only that they are easier then you think to make and so delicious! We are sharing our recipe and directions over on Pottery Barn Kids Blog! They also make for a great fall activity to do with your little peanuts! So get to some fall baking!



Easy Painted Pumpkin Ideas for Halloween

Growing up we always painted our pumpkins instead of carving them. Not sure if it was our mom’s way of trying to keep things semi-clean or if it was because of our love for painting. Painting pumpkins really is a great Halloween craft you can do with your little peanuts that will create memories to last a lifetime. Today we are sharing a few fun ideas that are totally cute and totally easy to do! Just the way we like it!


To create a stylish cohesive look we suggest sticking to just a couple basic colors. We chose to work with black and white with the orange pumpkin being an accent. The best type of paint to use when decorating pumpkins is just your regular old acrylic craft paint that you can find at any craft store! Have fun making modern looking patterns like color block pumpkins and stripes. An easy tip for getting perfectly spaced lines is to use masking or painting tape! Press them down in your desired spot and paint with black or white paint. Let the paint dry and then remove the tape. You can then leave the orange pumpkin showing through or paint the bare stripe the opposite color. Let your little peanuts help apply the tape and have fun making different modern shapes and lines!


Another idea that looks fabulous and is easy for your kiddos to do is silhouette characters and trees!  These are probably our favorite painted pumpkins to do! You can find any of your favorite Halloween character silhouettes online or download our FREE printables here to get and OWLBATS, and and a TREE! Simply print, cut out and trace where you want them on your pumpkins. Your little peanuts can help with the tracing and also filling them in with paint!


To really get artistic try incorporating some fun festive words like BOO and Happy Halloween on your pumpkins! We promise you it’s actually easier then it looks and you don’t have to have amazing handwriting to do it. That’s the best part about Halloween is the spookier the script the better! Also, her is the tip of all tips… you can easily wipe off acrylic paint while it’s still wet! Yep doesn’t get easier then that! So if you are trying out some lettering and don’t love how it’s going just simply wipe it off with a wet rag and start over!


One last idea that we know will be an instant favorite is chalk pumpkins! Spray your pumpkins with black chalk spray paint + give your kiddos some white chalk and let them go to town on decorating their pumpkin. Spider webs, ghosts and even silly faces… the options are endless because they can easily wipe off the chalk and start all over again! Next, place on your front porch and get ready to wow your neighbors!



Precious Little Peanut Finley

Happy Monday Morning all,  we hope everyone had a sensational fall weekend!  Ours was filled with pumpkin patches and trying to savor this gorgeous fall weather while it lasts.  Today we are so very happy to be sharing this beautiful family session featuring little miss Finley.  Amy Steed did an amazing job of capturing the love this sweet family has for their sweet little Finley.


This was a very special family session for the Malmberg family.  Just a couple of months ago, little Finley Grace was diagnosed with a terminal genetic disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1 at just 8 months old.  Spinal Muscular Atrophy is a motor neuron disease which affects the voluntary muscles, impacting abilities such as sitting, crawling, walking, head and neck control, even swallowing and breathing. This disease does not impact a persons intelligence.  The Malmberg family is unsure of how much time they will have left with Finley, and having family photos done was a high priority while she is still relatively well and able to do so.  I am honored to have been able to capture these tender moments for their family in such a time of grief.  Finley’s mother Nicole has become very proactive in raising awareness for SMA, and you can follow their story at http://finleysbucketlist.blogspot.ca/



Rany Zany {Fashion Friday}

We always love wrapping up the week with a fashion feature and today we’ve sure got a good one for you! With the weather quickly turning colder and we are seeing more rain and even a little snow soon we always turn to our favorite accessory, rain boots! We are loving these colorful Rany Zany boots that come in a range of fun patterns from bold stripes to camo print to butterflies and more! Rain boots are perfect for fall and winter activities outside, and if you haven’t tried some good old jumping in the mud puddles with your little peanuts it’s a must this season! Style them with dress and leggings for the girls and sweat pants and skinny jeans for the boys. We know we will pretty much be having our boots on every day this fall!


Photos by Becky Kimball Photogarphy!



Paint Me Pink’s Halloween Paper Dolls

Today Norma with Paint Me Pink is with us and we couldn’t be more excited.  We absolutely adore her blog.  She is an artist, lover of all things pretty, DIYer, lover of shabby chic and vintage decor, and has the tendency to gravitate towards pink girly things.  She has created the cutest Halloween Paper Dolls to share with us.  We hope you and your little peanuts have some Halloween fun with these, we know we will!

Happy October, the perfect month to celebrate pumpkins, fallen leaves and the most important thing to kids, trick or treating. As a mommy of three little ones, all under the age of seven, sometimes it’s hard finding little projects that don’t require messy paint and glue. My oldest daughter, Juliet, is quite the little artist and is always drawing something for me. Lately she’s been drawing costume ideas of what she wants to be for Halloween this year. Her drawings inspired me to re-create them and into paper dolls. Do you remember the last time you’ve seen or played with paper dolls?
Inspiration is everywhere and most of my inspiration and creativity comes from my children. Even though I drew this cute set of paper dolls, Juliet was very much involved with this project. She showed me how her costumes should look from the colors they should be to the stripes and polkadot details. Her eyes lit up when her drawings came to life, so naturally I had to name the paper doll “Juliet”.
Since I have two girls and a boy I couldn’t leave the little boys out so I also made a boy paper doll printable. From scary ghosts to little witches your little ones will enjoy mixing and matching these fun Halloween costumes. Paper dolls are a wonderful way to encourage kids to use their imagination and it’s mess free!
These free printables come with three costumes each. All you need is 8.5″x11″ thick card stock paper and scissors! Print, cut, and play.
Download “Little Miss Juliet” from the Trick or Treat Dress Up Paper Doll collection HERE
Download “Little Luke” from the Trick or Treat Dress Up Paper Doll collection HERE
Tip: You can cut the strips that connect the costumes to be wider or longer which may help hold better.













Baby Nathan’s Birth Story

Happy Wednesday morning!  We are thrilled to share with you yet another beautiful birth story captured by the oh so talented Stefanie Harrington.  Sweet baby Nathan was welcomed by his darling parents Emily and Justin.


This birth story is a special one in so many ways. I didn’t quite know just how special until I flew from DC to Santa Rosa Beach on the Emerald Coast in Florida. So much hope, so much patience, so much love and heartache. I know the baby’s parents were holding their breaths throughout this pregnancy, not daring to celebrate it too much for fear of more heartache.


Every birth story has its own tales to tell. And one thing I’ve learned through my own 2 child births, my friends’ stories, my clients’ stories is that babies have their own agenda. Even when you cross your fingers and toes for your scheduled induction and your birth photographer has flown into town, they like to arrive on their terms no matter the ideas we may have about their arrival. This little one was apparently determined to arrive by C-section. I wasn’t allowed to photograph his actual arrival via surgery, because he had to very quickly enter this world, but I joined his parents as they were getting ready to meet him and as soon as his Mama was able to hold him in recovery. The look on her face as she holds her newest love is one that I recognized immediately. It is a look of utter relief, gratitude, love. And hope. So much love and hope.


I love documenting every single one of my client’s milestones and celebrations, but birth photography is probably the most humbling experience I’ve had. To have the honor of witnessing another woman labor in childbirth, to watch and photograph as a couple welcomes a child, to see the incredible joy and relief on their faces, to see their love for each other and for their newborn baby, it is amazing beyond words. And that I was asked to document this story for a fellow photographer was even more flattering (and nerve racking).